3 Ways to Start Blending Cultures

Two cultures. Two different worlds. It is now coming together and many ladies wonder how will they ever cope and deal in moving forward with the relationship. Some things that you can do as you move forward with your intercultural relationship are listed below.

Learn his language. Learning a new language is an exciting activity. Your brain is abuzz with the new words and how to express them. It will help when you are around his side of the family and they are speaking in their native tongue. You will be able to at least follow along and build on to your working knowledge of the language.

Certainly he or his family will also be impressed that you took the time to learn more about them and their language. Speaking to any person in their native tongue makes them more interested in the person even if they are struggling along. They will help you.

Learn to cook the dishes of that culture/country. Everyone likes to eat. Eating is at the center of getting to know others, ceremonies, and more. You will be amazed at what you can learn from a person’s favorite dish which will also give you a lot of clues as to the history of that particular culture. Bonus points if you can get his mother or another family member to show you how t make his favorite dish.

Watch movies and read books from that culture. There are so many movies out there – on YouTube or Netflix. There are so many books to be read too. Not everything is mainstream and stuck on your main television. You will have to dig a little to get to the essence of what his people watch. Watching a movie or tv program about the culture will also help to prepare you in their expressions, language intonation, and mannerisms. Reading the book gives you a deeper feeling movement towards why – as they are usually more detailed and explained in a book.


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