How to Apply for a Visa to Ghana

It is now time for you to visit his country! Get ready for the adventure, the sights, and the in-laws.

Ghana is an African country located on the west side in between Togo and C’ote d’Ivoire. It is an english speaking country, however, they were conquered and ruled by the British – they declared their independence in 1957 under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah.

Ghana is still a developing country and is now classified as a third world country. With that knowledge, know that you will see the beauty, but you will see extreme poverty as well as possibly trash and open defecation. All of these issues the country deals with, but that will not mean you will not enjoy your visit to this cool place filled with smiling people.

In the book, International Ladies of African Men: Ghana, Teresa mentions a lot about the handsome nature of the men. The women are beautiful as well with a dark skin and a bright smile. Get ready to be dazzled by the asasa and nkara styles topped with braided hair and the famous Azonto dances.

Before you go there is the issue of how to get there. One cannot simply hop on a plane and arrive to enjoy Ghana – unless you are in a country of which does not have a Ghanaian Embassy, only then can you arrive without a visa. That would require some other steps including cash in hand to be paid at the airport and a letter on official letterhead from the company bringing you there. If you are coming from a country with an Embassy then you can apply for travel visas, student visas and work visas through the mail, all with the same application form. The process, which requires relatively few documents, takes two to five days to process before it is returned to you by mail.


Download and print the tourist visa application form. You can download the form here or from the website of the Ghana Embassy in Washington DC ( The single-page form must be completed in PDF format before printing. Print four identical copies of the completed form.


Gather all supplemental documents including a valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity, evidence of your financial stability (such as bank statements) or a letter of invitation from a host in Ghana, copy of travel transportation itinerary and four passport-size photographs glued directly to each application form.


Place the application forms, supplemental documents, your passport, a prepaid return envelope large enough to carry your passport and application fee in one large mailing envelope that will be mailed back to you and this envelope must be trackable. Use FEDEX or UPS and buy it prepaid and prestamped with your name and address on it so that it makes it back to you. The application fee is either $60 for a single-entry visa or $100 for a multiple-entry visa. Make payments in either money order, cashier’s check or certified bank checks. Personal checks are not accepted, and it is recommended that you do not send cash in the mail.


Send the package either by post or other courier method to the address on the visa form.

BONUS STEP: (for those in this area or if you want to go through another means to obtain the visa)

There is an honorary consulate for Ghana, located in Texas:

  1. For those applying through the Honorary Consulate in Houston Texas, please call office number (1) 713 960 1950.
  2. Fax number is (1)713-960-8833.

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